Saturday, October 17, 2009

Salted Nut Rolls and Roasted Rubber

Took the Ramby out for a couple of hours today. I had to work, so I took the bike with me and rode after work. Not too many folks out.

Last Saturday I was riding through Underwood and stopped at the Mini Mart for a soda and a salted nut roll. Salted nut roll, breakfast of champions!

Anyway, I saw this black Buick Grand National puttering around. He was on a side street adjacent to the Mini mart...he'd creep forward a few inches, stop, creep forward, just generally looked suspicious. I guessed what he was up to. He slowly turned around in the intersection and stopped, right in the middle of the highway. If I was thinking, I would have had my cell out recording this in video mode.

I heard the engine rev, and the rear tires started spinning. I saw one hell of a burnout, smoke rolling off the rear tires, engine bellowing (as much as a turbocharged Buick V6 can bellow). It was a good one. The tire smoke cloud hung there for at least two or three minutes, since there wasn't much wind. When I resumed my ride, I stopped and looked at the nice melted pile of rubber he left on the road. Sweet! Glad it wasn't my car, or my tires. It would have been more entertaining if he would have broken or blown something, or a cop would have come around the corner mid-burnout. I saw the same car later, pulled off the side of the road...then pulling back on slowly puttering down the highway. I lost sight of him and I didn't see it, but I swear I heard him doing another burnout, and I know I smelled more tire smoke.

Can't do that on my Ramby! :>) -D


Travel Gravel said...

My sons and I went up to Stratford a couple of weekends ago and watched the parade of hotrods leaving town after a stop in Stratford. They meet there from all points South, then cruise en-mass to Ft.Dodge for a larger show. On the way out of town they always turn a corner North and "get on it!" This year was not bad (300 cars in Stratford alone) and the burnouts, WOW! One guy in an El Camino power-braked for about an entire block! Mounds of rubber on the road, as well as billowing smoke. Gotta love silliness! Later!

Travel Gravel said...

Is tHAT road a blacktop? It is now! said...

I love the smell of burning rubber in the morning. It smells like...victory!