Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!

Headed to Vegas Friday morning! Occasion? Daughter's wedding!

Her future father-in-law is a minister working in Las Vegas. How convenient is that? Bonus, Las Vegas bling and fun! We were married there in 1994 and we haven't been back since...I'm certain things have changed a little :>)

We aren't much for gambling. Might drop a coin or two in the slots but that's about it. The kids are getting married at the Stratosphere, on the balcony, about 100 stories up. I'm okay with heights, as long as I don't have to look over the edge. And I'm not doing the bungee jump!

Formal dress. Pants are required, and I may have to wear one of my Hawaiian shirts. I think I have a nice pair of flip-flops somewhere, that aren't cracked, torn, sandy, mud-caked, or paint spattered.

Bike riding update...not much lately. Short story long, I had a great time on RAGBRAI! Slept in a tent for 6 nights, then I went to sleep in my own bed. Woke up the next morning, my hand an fingers were numb. I figured I slept on it funny and this would go away. Much to my chagrin, it stuck around. I consulted my sister the nurse, who thought it was probably a pinched nerve (and I was hoping it was NOT carpal tunnel!). Eschewing 'conventional Western' medicine (MD's, surgery, pill pushing and such), I went to a licensed massage therapist for a therapeutic massage hoping it would loosen things up a bit. As she was working on me, she mentioned the fact that out of all the massage clients she'd seen that day, I was the one who most needed a chiropractic adjustment. Of course, she made a recommendation and I figured why not? I'll try it, if it doesn't work no harm, no foul, make a doctor's appointment.

As of this posting, I've probably had about a half-dozen chiropractic 'adjustments'. I can say the first time he adjusted I had this great sense of relief and relaxation throughout my entire body. And, the numbness has subsided greatly to the point of feeling almost normal (no numb feeling in my left hand or arm) this morning. Although I'm not really sure whether this is actually due to the adjustments or staying off the bike awhile...I've ridden only once or twice since RAGBRAI. I'm going to take it easy for the next week or so and then back on the bike commuting. By that time, the hot summer afternoons should be subsiding and I'll be riding in nice crisp fall weather!


P.S. However, our Corporate Cup run is coming up in late September, so I have started running. Hopefully, the running exercise makes up for the temporary bicycle hiatus. See ya later!

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