Monday, November 1, 2010

Lazy, but I got a 'NEW' RIDE

I should post something!

Jeez, I haven't October posted AT ALL! I attribute this to malaise, sluggishness, and just general all-around sloth and laziness. I have stuff to write about, just don't wanna. Hey, it's MY blog. And since I only have two readers (one being myself), guess it just don't matter much neither.

I bought a new ride. Whilst I was in Parkville, MO a couple of months ago, I ran across a very nice '70s vintage Schwinn Collegiate, 5 speed stem mounted shifter...a swift and speedy fella. Included was a nice bottle generator, chrome headlight and taillight. And they all work quite nicely, at least as well as one would hope a nearly 40 year old bottle generator, headlight and taillight would work.

It's brown, not too exciting for color. My first real bike, 70's Schwinn (surprise) was Campus Green, and had a Sturmey-Archer 3 speed. This one was close enough to my size to be rideable, at least casually. So I got it home, tweaked on it a bit and took it out for a spin of course. And proceeded to break the handlebar stem in half! Lucky for me at the time I was going uphill, moving very slowly. I pushed the bike home.

Did you know it's a bit difficult to find a vintage Schwinn stem replacement? I wanted to use a Nitto stem, standard diameter 22.2 mm. Unbeknownst to me, Vintage Schwinns used a 21.1 mm diameter stem. Since it was either go used, NOS, or find someone who manufactured a modern replacement...I went with modern replacement. Harris Cyclery to the rescue!

I've puttered around on it a few times since the repair. Just like I remember. -D

P.S. Pics will be posted. When I feel like it.
P.S.S. Daaaammnn...almost forgot. Here's a link for RAGBRAI 2010 Pics! So some pics will be posted after all!


patrick said...

Am I your other reader? Sweet acquisition!

Dwight said...

Well, my wife reads the blog. And Travel Gravel! So I'm up to four!