Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back to the frozen tundra...

Yup, we're back!

Hawaii was fantastic! Iowa/Nebraska/Midwest in general is not, especially the crappy snowy weather right now. I spent part of my morning shoveling that soggy, vile stuff. It's almost March, ferchrssake!

However, I have a whole bunch of pics to share. I been spending my alotted 'blog time' dumping all of them onto Flickr, so here's the link. And by dumping, I mean nada organization or documentation...but they are nice to look at. Enjoy!



Travel Gravel said...

Love the "HIGH THEFT AREA" guerilla-style signage! Like I said before, you can't take a bad picture there. Looks like a good time. Catch you later! Travel Gravel! said...

I kept a close eye on the rental car there...the west side of the island is a bit rougher than the North Shore or Waikiki, that's for sure!

All in all, an awesome trip and we want to do it again!