Monday, February 9, 2009

Fatty, Fatty, two by four...

...the Schwalbes I ordered showed up at my door.

Big Apples, and they didn't disappoint. When they say "balloon bike", they really mean it.

A close up of the tread

and of course, on the bike

A quick spin around the neighborhood confirmed a nice, cushy, squishy ride. No hum, no vibration, just right for a long pavement run. On Sunday, I took Fat 'n Juicy out for a 30+ mile ride. 40 psi in the tires, and I did my regular 'shed' run, but added a hilly detour through Bentley and Underwood.

My impression? Comparatively, if my Ramby were a sports coupe the Juice would be more like a big, squishy, luxury car. Kinda like the old '73 Olds 98 LS I drove in high school. Good in a straight line, floats over the bumps, but you really have to plan for the turns. When I switch lanes with my Ramby or my Schwinns at speed, I just lean...I really don't have to turn the handlebars much at all, not more than a twitch. But on the Juice, I definitely need to turn the handlebars to get the bike to move from left to right. It takes just a bit longer to place the bike where it needs to go. The tail seems to float a bit, and it's not a razor sharp handler...but that's just fine. It's not a speed bike. I pulled off a couple of 30+ mph descents though, and Juicy tracked well, straight and stable.

She looks great outdoors!

Now you know why I call it the 'shed' run...

Rear view...


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