Saturday, December 12, 2009

Going Bowling!

We'll be on our way.

The Cyclones are playing Minnesota at the Insight Bowl this year, which happens to be in Tempe, Arizona. I kept mentioning to Jenny we were going to a bowl game, and she pretty much ignored me until the announcement was made. The Cyclones were expected to travel to either the Texas Bowl in Houston or the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, LA. Apparently, the Insight Bowl committee really wanted Cyclone fans at their bowl and passed on Missouri, just like the Independence Bowl committee did. Understandably, the Mizzou fans on the way to Houston are pissed.

But good news for us! The wife spent a good portion of her youth growing up in Tuscon and really, really would enjoy traveling there. Let's see...5 degrees in Minden, Iowa and 65 in Tempe? Do the math.

So we bit the bullet and jumped on the Cyclone bandwagon, as it were. We put in an application for the Alumni tour to the bowl game the very same day the bowl was announced. The tour spots filled very quickly and we waited in anticipation for our confirmation. Today, the confirmation arrived and yes, we WILL be traveling to Tempe for our Dec 31st bowl game!

It'll be a great time. No need to worry about flight, rental car, hotel's all been taken care of. Just show up and get on the plane. Margaritas, anyone? :>))

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