Friday, December 11, 2009

Piles and Piles and Piles

The snow started Tuesday morning.

And it snowed, and it snowed, and it snowed. Then it snowed some more.

Both Jenny and I stayed home on Wednesday, attempting to dial into work. She was more successful than I, but I eventually managed to get in. Too many folks at home, not enough VPN licenses. I did get some work done, eventually. We managed to get up enough courage to shovel snow in the afternoon, after the wind and snow abated. We managed to get the sidewalk done and the large pile left by the snowplow behind my truck in the driveway. It made me wish for warmer days.

Yesterday, I braved the elements (<5 degrees, not including wind chill), loaded up the truck and went to work. Four wheel drive all the way, not even considering the possibility of dragging a bike out of the basement. Frostbite City! Vehicles littered the interstate median or off the shoulder, stalled or stuck in snowdrifts.

It actually got up into the lower 20's today. Maybe warm enough to try out my Nokians? :>)



patrick said...

Sheesh, Dwight. You guys got a raw deal! I have no excuse for going out today, right? 32 degrees and crystal clear.


Cheers, my friend.


Dwight said...

I say layer up and saddle up!