Monday, January 4, 2010

Frozen Tires

You know it's cold when your car is frozen to the garage floor.

I'm not kidding. I went to take the car out the garage after it sat for a week (while we were in Tempe), and it was literally frozen to the floor.

Opened the garage door, got in it, started and put in reverse. No go. Pushed on the gas a bit. It wouldn't move. Checked the parking brake, it wasn't set. Hit the gas again...engine strains, grunts. Still stuck...what the heck?? Now I punch it. Engine revs, car doesn't move. Remember when you were a teenager and you power braked Dad's car? It was exactly like my foot was mashed down on the brakes and I was smashing the gas to the floor simultaneously. One more time. I mashed the gas and the car popped loose, lurching backward. Success!

And it was 21 below zero this morning! Are you freaking kidding me?


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Travel Gravel said...

You'll also realize that it's cold when your right front wheel freezes and won't roll at all. Even after you mash on the "foot feed" to drag it across the icy road to a section of pavement that is "DRY", and it doesn't come loose. Then you say, "For a car designed by a bunch of Swedish dudes, Volvos are not a winter car!" That's what I said anyways. :)