Saturday, January 2, 2010

Warmer Climes are My-T-Fine, Go Cyclones, and Happy New Year...not in any particular order

First things first! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone! My best wishes for a joyous and most prosperous 201o.

A brief note about the current weather in Minden, Iowa...right now according to my somewhat questionable Accurite weather station it is 10.6 degrees, which seems absolutely balmy compared to this morning as it was -7 when we traveled to Council Bluffs to meet a friend for lunch and buy groceries. My trusty Droid phone and the Weather Channel tell me it's -1, which seems more believable.

We've just returned from a trip to Tempe, Arizona. It averaged mid sixties there, and sunny most of the trip. It was not all pleasure...our business was to cheer the Cyclones on to victory in the Insight Bowl :>) ISU - 14, Minnesota - 13. The win was the frosting on the sweet cake of an extremely enjoyable trip. We had a great time at the Arizona Grand Resort! Spent some time in the hot tub, pool, and the bar (0f course), explored the hills and trails adjacent to the golf course, and spent time celebrating with our fellow Cyclone fans. ISU played a great game and although the score was a bit closer than I would care for the Clones held strong and capitalized on a late Minnesota turnover to secure the win. Great times!

The shocker was stepping off the plane in Des Moines to single-digit weather and huge piles of snow. Brrr. Dreams of Phoenix condos and 'snowbirding' are dancing through my head right now. I would certainly be putting in more cycling miles if I could spend the winters in Phoenix. As I walked/jogged the hills, surrounded by rocks, cacti, and the occasional Palo Verde tree, I jealously watched several mountain bikers bombing down the trails. I really wished I had my 29'er and cycling gear in Phoenix ...the Quickie Blue Fixie is shod with the appropriate tires for Iowa winter trips but I'm not super motivated to take it out in sub-zero weather. I want to keep my fingers, toes, nose, ears, and other appendages intact and frostbite-free! Think I'll hang out in my living room, watch bowl games, and dread going back to work on Monday :>)

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