Friday, September 26, 2008

More pics, finishing the build and maiden voyage

Interesting what you find when you Google "Rambouillet". If you can read the caption, I'd say yes, my Ramby is 'horned', but it certainly isn't 'demonic', 'loogyish' or 'spit from hell'. Somehow, the concept of an evil sheep falls a bit short as horror genre... :>)

My good friend and detractor Ciclista demanded I get off my lazy duff and utilize some of that infinite time I've been saving up by posting a few Ramby pics. I'm demonstrating here I'm no photographer, but I'm trying!

Stem and bars in place:
Waiting for brake housings, cables, and saddle

Brooks B17 Honey Champion, in place!

Brake housing and cables, taped to the bars and ready for wrapping

Ready for the maiden voyage!

I wax poetic in the setting sun, as I mount my glorious steed...

The Amazing Cycling Clydesdale :>)

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