Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wheelbuilding 101, Part Deux

One front wheel down, one rear wheel to go.

It's pretty much the same process as the front, except for the fact that dishing a 9 speed rear wheel is a bit more difficult. The drive side spokes need to be tensioned significantly more than the non-drive side in order to get the hub reasonably centered in the rim. It took me several tries to get the hub close to center...I'd get the hub dished, then my wheel would be out of true. I'd true the wheel, and the dishing would be off. Eventually, I got the trueness and dishing to balance.
The parts before assembly:

Trailing spokes first! One side...

then the other...

Add the leading spokes, side 1, cross 3, flip and repeat...

And the rear wheel is fully laced. No, I didn't assemble these wheels using my toes!

Of course, after I finished truing and dishing I had to see what they looked like on the frame.

It's starting to look like a bike!

As far as my other components are concerned, I ordered a 9 speed Dura Ace rear derailleur which arrived today. Last years 9 speed model was significantly cheaper than this years 10 speed model, about the same price as the new Ultegra model. Now I have matching front and rear derailleurs. A mixed build...Dura-Ace derailleurs and Ultegra hubs.

The stem I returned should have arrived at Rivendell headquarters today, and I expect to hear back from Miesha regarding the replacement. I originally intended to swap my Ruffy Tuffys from the LeTour onto the Ramby, but I found some wire bead 700c x 28 Schwalbe Marathons on, reasonably sale priced. Ja, they are marginally schwerer than the RT's, about 150 grams each...but for a Fred Flintstone clydesdale rider like me das ist nichts! No weight weenies or girlie men allowed, Hans und Franz! I also need some tough tires for my occasional gravel road runs. Safety first!

I've been picking up bits and pieces here and there. I needed some rim tape and 9 speed chain, which my LBS was glad to sell me. The only thing left that I can think of are pedals, and I'm sure I'll pick up some SPD's somewhere. I have some old beat up BMX pedals but I'd think they would look out of place on the Ramby.


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