Monday, March 9, 2009

Dirty Blue Fixie

Last week, I was able to pull of three whole days of good commuting (snow and mud notwithstanding).
I had to snap a few pics of QBF after my commuting adventure...she was looking a bit grimy.
One drivetrain, extra helping of mud please...

Crusty brake calipers. Are those aluminum shavings? I may need to clean these brake pads.

I cleaned the driveside seatstay enough to install this Cateye red blinkie light. I kept clipping these lights onto my seatbag, and kept losing them. So this one is 'permanently' attached.

My dual-headlight setup. Not super sophisticated, but it throws enough light for dark early morning commutes.

Why so dirty? Most of my ride is pavement, except for one small portion where the trail runs under the South Omaha Bridge Road. This part of the trail is not paved, and there's a huge amount of runoff through that underpass. This makes for a sticky, sloppy mess. Even though I walk the bike through it, I still pick up a huge amount of mud on my tires (and shoes). I'm still looking for a detour around this part of the trail...I can go around the overpass, but I still have to walk through mud and cross a busy road as well. Hopefully, the city has plans to pave or re-gravel this part of the trail.

In the meantime, I'll hope for warmer and drier days!



Travel Gravel said...

Dwight, This is the brake lever I was talking about. The onee I saw on Cyclofiend. Is that a stock lever from someone, or did you custom-bend it to get that? I ask only because I would like to have a road lever set up on a certain bar that currently has an MTB lever on it. CIAO! said...

Gravel Mon,

This brake lever came out of a vintage pile of parts in a Kansas City bike shop (ACME Bicycle Company). It appears to be an old Shimano part. I did not modify it...this is the way it came to me.

If you ever make to KC, visit Acme Bicycle Company! Tons of vintage parts, frames, etc, etc. It's a blast from the past, you'll dig it!