Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Turquoise Tempo

Yesterday was beautiful, so I pulled the Turquoise Tempo out of the stable and ran it through Persia, Portsmouth, Tennant, Shelby, then back to Minden.

One of my 'detours' on this trip is the Rock Island Old Stone Arch Nature Trail (that's a mouthful). See the link here:

At the end of the 4-ish mile trail is a bridge over a small creek, leading into a wooded area. There's a clearing with a picnic table including a 1/2 mile walking trail through the woods. I stopped here to take a few pics of yet another Schwinn in my stable.

Late 80's - early 90's vintage, 62 cm lugged steel frame, Shimano components (except for the Campy headset), 52-42 Biopace double chainrings, 7 speed 12 - 23 cassette, no clearance for fenders, arse punishing seat. This is definitely a road bike.

Got some 700x25 Gatorskins on this bike. Not super-skinny, but for my fat arse they're the minimum width I'd want to ride. I'm thinking about hub, wheel and drivetrain upgrades but everything works so well as is I've left it alone. The only concern I have is I've broken a spoke nipple on the rear (which I replaced, including the spoke), but the nipples appear to be aluminum. As I was truing the wheel I broke two others, which leads me to believe they're all brittle. So far, so good but I might need to replace rims, spokes, and upgrade to brass spoke nipples. The front and rear hubs appear to be in good shape.

This is a great ride, for nice sunny dry days. It's fun to get it out and zip along!


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