Monday, March 30, 2009

Two Thousand Hits

The hit counter today is at 2008.

2008 hits since last August. That equates to 251 hits per month, 57 hits per week, 8 hits per day...yeah, about 1 hit every 3 hours.

That seems alright. I mean, I never expected a huge readership (Hi Patrick! Hey, Gravel Dude :>)) but it's nice to see someone (or some search engine) is hitting my blog. I'm not super-intellectual, deep, controversial, funny, or even very interesting at times. I do try to be relevant and stay true to the subject at hand (bikes), but sometimes I tend to stray (The Gene Chizik debacle). That's fine, the occasional rant is expected. And I tend to use parenthesis, emoticons and ellipsis...(to an extreme) :>)

I suppose I could drop some key words into my blog so I could get more search engine hits. I figure "Rambouillet" would be a good one, at least for all the Rivendell fans out there. Maybe if I started dropping words and phrases like "American Idol", "Twitter", "Aristotlean foundations of left-Rastafarianism" ,"Obama", "bailout", "Madonna adoption", "recession", or "huge jugs" maybe I'd get more hits or at least a few lewd comments. Might spice things up a bit.

Right now, the bike thing is good enough. Plus, I've met several interesting folks through my blogging and posting and there's nothing wrong with that either.

Weather permitting, we should all get out and ride!

-Thanks! - D


Travel Gravel said...

D. I was going to tip you to Velo Orange but I saw that you have it linked anyways! That's some good stuff right there! Riding soon. You serious about Colorado? Later! said...

Gravel mon,

Hey, I just picked up some cool stuff from Velo Orange for the Ramby! Got a couple VO retro bottle cages and stainless steel water bottles, sew on elk hide handlebar wrap, coupla bar end plugs, and some toe clip leathers to sew onto the water bottle cages (rattle prevention). said...

BTW, still considering Colorado. Now that I have the Juice all built up I want to give it a good test!

Travel Gravel said...

Here's a nice gallery I found recently, Plenty to look at there. Happy trails! Later!