Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fixie Season

The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are beginning to turn...

Yup. Time to break out the Quickie Blue 'Winter training bike'. The last couple of commutes have been on the QBF. It had been sitting for a while, since I was busy riding the Double Cross, my 29'er, and the other two Schwinns to work. It looked a bit forlorn and neglected sitting there, and since the mercury was dipping into the low 50's morning wise, thought I should at least give it a spin.

QBF Maintenance: put up on bike stand, notice chain is a bit slack. Loosen rear wheel nuts and take out slack. Dribble wax based lube on chain. Squeeze front brake handle, it works. Pump up tires. Done.

And just like that, we're off. Occasionally, I have to remember that this bike does not freewheel, and you can't just decide to stop pedaling to coast. I relax, but the pedal comes back around and that darn bike just won't let me. Pedal faster, dammit!

I'm not as fast on my fixie. I notice this since I leave the parking lot about the same time each day no matter which bike I'm riding. I always seem to arrive 10 minutes or so later on my fixie, which means I'M JUST NOT PEDALING FAST ENOUGH. Maybe I'm a little more relaxed on this bike, but it seems like I'm always working harder to achieve that relaxed riding state.

Last year whilst winter riding, I wiped out on some black ice behind a busload of school kids. They didn't seem to notice, but I never noticed anything when I rode the school bus in the morning either...I was too groggy and bleary eyed to care or my eyes were just closed. I'm wondering about a nice pair of studded Nokians on the QBF...yeah...then it'd be a true winter bike. Does that seem a bit wacky? Nah.

I grabbed a couple of more components for the Bleriot. I picked up the J-Tek Nexus bar-end shifter and some pedals from Harris Cyclery. I was going to order the shifter directly from the J-Tek website, and was quite surprised to see a notice posted stating that J-Tek Engineering was suspending operations. The owner has some health problems and has decided to shut down for a while until things improve. I hope he gets better soon...first things first and take care of yourself! -D


Travel Gravel said...

Someone needs to coin a phrase for the reaction of a fixed gear bike when it serves that not-so-subtle reminder that you cannot coast! Something super-hip and so underground that only hipsters will know what it means! Think of a few and post 'em. I've always been fortunate to coast with my feet in the 3 and 9 spots, non-goofy-foot. Anything else would be sure disaster when the bell tolls. Later!

Dwight said...'s a few idears:

Pedal Pushed
Unintended fixie launch
Freewheel-free feet-al slam
The Jerk, Jump, Hump, or Bump
Chain Whip
Chain Stretch
Chain Brain
Hipster Hop
Wango Tango (Thanks Ted!)
Toe/Foot/Ankle/Knee Masher
Shifter Amnesia
Boinking (as opposed to Bonking)
Oh Shit!
Whoa Dude!
Homered (D-oh!)
Gotta Hitch in my Get-A-Long
I "Anti-Coasted"

Travel Gravel said...

All I came up with was, "It Missouri Muled me" or "I pulled a Jackie Chan on my Nishiki today!" or "Tremors man, Tremors" I'll use Hipster Hopped though. I like that one! See Ya!