Monday, September 14, 2009

FOOTBALL, Bleriot, Winter Biking and Singletrack

Yes, football season is upon us!

Right now, I'm watching the first of a doubleheader on MNF. Patriots and Bills. Not that I care much about how pro football comes out, the wife and I are big college football fans. Great games on Saturday, especially Notre Dame/Michigan.

The Cyclones didn't fare so's hard to lose to Iowa at home. OU, however beat another ISU 64-0, so the weekend games weren't a total loss. Looking forward to most of the Big 12 games.

The build progresses. I put in an order with Velo Orange for most of the remainder of the parts I need (saddle, cranks, chain, brake levers, etc.) Still need to order the J-Tek shifter, but that's coming. I patiently wait for components to arrive.

Patrick sent me an e-mail saying he was getting his bike 'winterized'. He's setting up his Bomba for off-road action, and asked me if mustache bars were good for singletrack. I've never had mustache bars on any of my bikes, but I understand they're good for general on/some light off-road use. If anyone reading this blog has used or is currently using mustache bars let me know what you think.


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