Thursday, September 17, 2009

Romulus for Sale (no, it's not mine)

I e-mailed Patrick today. I had to tell him about the 61cm Romulus for sale on the Riv website. I'm sure it won't stay there for long, but man...if only I had unlimited funds and unlimited space. Another bike? I'd be sleeping in the yard for sure!

On with the Bleriot Build! I rec'd an order from Velo Orange including a nice Brooks flyer special seat, crank, chain, bottom bracket, and other assorted bits. I installed the seat so I could sit on Bleriot for the first time, and notice I was reaching a bit farther than I'd expect. Come to find out, I'd ordered a 12cm stem, while my other two Rivs have 11cm stem. And yes, that centimeter makes a difference! Think I'll either sell or exchange the stem for a shorter one. In the meantime, I stopped at the LBS to order some chain half-links and a Surly Singleator for chain tensioning. Things are starting to shape up! -D

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