Saturday, March 13, 2010

Getting my ass out there

It's been a gray, windy few days. The wife has gone to the South by Southwest film festival in Austin and to visit her friend Penny, so I've been left to fend for myself. I stayed up late, poking at the Bleriot. I trued and tuned up the front wheel, and replaced a tire. I think the original was defective, I could never seem to get it to mount properly. The new tire seems rounder, and less lumpy.

So I slept in this morning. There was an Ice Road Truckers marathon on the History channel. I catnapped on the couch. I drank a beer. I pondered riding, but every time I looked out the window I saw a gray windy day. The couch called to me. "Sit on your ass", it beckoned.

Man, I sure did want to sit on my ass. I stuck my head outside and gauged the weather. Cold and windy. I wanted another beer, but I drank the last one. I was getting tired of watching Ice Road Truckers.

So I started to gear up. Slowly and deliberately. I still wasn't sure I wanted to go outside. Eventually, I was all ready to go, finally about 2:30. That would limit me to a shorter ride, probably the 'shed and back' 20 mile run. I dragged my lazy ass and the Bleriot outside, heading south, 20 mph wind at my back.

I zipped along, retuned and retired front wheel running smoothly. I was in top gear running the flats, spinning away. No computer on this bike, but I imagined I was running in the mid 20's since I didn't feel any wind. I knew I was going to pay on the return trip, and I did. Head down, cold wind in my face, crawling up hills. I didn't care. My ass was out there :>)


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