Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spotted! Broken Crabon in the Wild!

Since the weather has made a turn for the better, I've managed to start a semi-regular bike commuting schedule. Two days this week!

As I was pedaling home today, I notice a lime-green clad rider ahead walking his bike. Initially, I thought maybe he had a flat. No problem...I carry patches and a mini pump, along with CO2 cartridges if necessary. If the tube was fixable, we could have him up and running no problem.

However, as I drew closer I saw something else was amiss. The seat was bent over backwards at a weird angle. That's not expensive-looking carbon road bike with the seat flopped over like that. As I pulled beside him, I soon saw why. The seat post was neatly snapped off between the seat mount and the tube, the seat twisting in the wind. I looked over at the poor guy and about the only thing I could say was "Ouch!". He looked totally dejected, walking with head down and didn't acknowledge my presence. Physically, he looked fine. After several seconds of silence, I pressed on. I would have tried to help him somehow but it seemed he didn't want any assistance. Unfortunately, I usually don't carry spare seat posts. :>)

After seeing gobs of busted seat posts, handlebars, etc., on Busted (and an example at Acme Cycle in KC), I actually saw one on the road. Remember, kids...steel is real and crabon is crap! - D

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