Saturday, April 17, 2010

A few pics and getting into hot water, thankfully!

Told ya I'd finally get around to it. Not much cycling here, but we did enjoy ourselves in Key West. Check 'em out...

Key West Pics

Had to work today (Saturday). Not all day, but I did take the Double Cross to work. It was cold this morning! I thought I wouldn't need winter gear, but I ended up in full dress this morning (36 degrees!). The afternoon was in the mid sixties and it was a real nice ride home.

We finally got the water heater fixed today so there is hot water in the Dau household! I thought I had it fixed Wednesday because the pilot lit, but the wife worked from home Thursday and said she still had no hot water. I replaced the thermocouple AGAIN, which proceeded to not work at all. Crrrrap, time to call in the experts. So I called the plumber, who suggested I call the manufacturer since the water heater was still under warranty. The manufacturer ended up sending us a new gas control valve FedEx next day air, which arrived today. And yes, this was definitely job for the experts. Our plumber even interrupted a job he was working on today so he could install same day. Sure is nice to take hot showers again :>)

Tomorrow looks like another great cycling day. Think I'll take the Quickbeam out for a spin.


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