Saturday, April 24, 2010

She's so heavy

I like ordering bike parts!

I picked up a few more parts for the Bleriot. I wasn't quite finished yet.

I'm still leaving the bars bare...I like the 'clean', polished look. However, I did pick up a few pieces from VO. I really didn't want to keep leaning the bike against something when I parked so I picked up a Pletscher double-legged stand. I'm also adding a Spanninga fender tail light and picked up a new headlight bracket. This bike's plenty porky, and I keep adding stuff to it. Still a small percentage of total weight when including the fat-assed rider :>)

Yeah, I need to ride more. I'm still getting over this crud I picked up last week and haven't done any riding this week...well, except for a quick trip to the barber shop here in town. The barber was closed, but I did get to run the QBF for a bit. Pulled the Nokians off (about time!) and put the Pasela Tour Guards back on. I went about eight blocks and when I got back I was sweating my butt off. I think it's a combo of the crud, winter chub, and lack of muscle tone which makes me more determined to get on the bike and ride until my legs fall off. Rode the MNUB last weekend (Minden, Neola, Underwood, Bentley) on the QB, the 9 hills between Bentley and Minden on a fixie definitely give you a good workout. I'd like to be doing that one at least twice a week, or a half-century in its place.

Ride plans: Maybe get the heck outta Dodge. I'd like to get back on the Wabash trail and head all the way down to Coin and back. I've signed up for the Omaha MS ride, and RAGBRAI is in 91 days. Go Go Go!

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