Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sickness sucks

Man, I hate spring colds.

I caught a whopper this weekend. I did manage to get my Sunday Quickbeam ride in, and it was a very nice day. But that night, I noticed I had a sore throat. Little did I know, it was just the beginning.

Woke up Monday morning with my sinuses stuffed to the rafters, barely able to breathe. I decided it was just a spring cold and I'd shake it off quickly. So I stayed home from work and rested, expecting to be ready to go the next day. Tuesday rolled around and I felt even worse, fever, coughing, vile excretions, the whole bit. I was absolutely certain I'd feel better after a good nights sleep, and be ready for work today.

No dice. This time, I called the doctor and got an appointment. Several hours and two prescriptions later, I seem to be feeling a bit better. Maybe I'll make it into work tomorrow...not that I'm that excited about getting back to work but I still have to support my bicycling and eating habit :>) -D

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