Monday, May 17, 2010

Bike Omaha Commuter Challenge

This week, the Bike Omaha Commuter Challenge begins. The goal is to ride as many commuter miles as possible between May 14 and Aug 20. No cheating!

A fitting week to start, since the weather will be great this week. I commuted today, and the ride home was great...virtually no wind, low 70's. Haven't yet seen weather this nice for the year.

Last year, I racked up around 800 miles.. enough for second place in our company. However, our total company miles fell way short, and I believe we were ranked toward the bottom in our division. Jeez, I can't do it ALL myself :>)

Heck, it's all just numbers anyway. I think I'm just going to log miles and enjoy riding!

P.S. Get out there!

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