Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Crud is craptastic!

What is this stuff?

I was feeling pretty draggy and congested a couple of weeks ago, so I went to the doctor. Doctor 1 says, "You have an infection" and prescribed antibiotics. After a weeks worth of antibiotic treatment, I felt marginally better. So I figured this stuff had run it's course.

Thursday night, after my commute ride home I decided to do the infamous Taco Ride. Wife is out of town, why not. Plus, I hadn't been on the Wabash all year. Bought my season pass and hit the trail on my good ol' trusty Quickie Blue Fixie.

I bombed it, man. No one would pass me. I hammered all the way, chugged a smoothie drink, and hammered back. Felt pretty good.

Friday morning. I get up hacking and coughing...what the hell? So I call the doctor's office and get a 9 a.m. appointment. Doctor #2 says "Allergies, go take some Claritin". OK then. I stop by the Walgreens, pick up the Claritin and go to work. We had a team outing that day so we went to an afternoon ball game at Rosenblatt Stadium. Had a couple of beers, enjoyed the Creighton - Wichita State game (Creighton got blasted 8 - 0).

Saturday morning: the MS Spring Ride. Started from Iowa Western CC, through Underwood, Minden, Bentley, back to Underwood and IWCC. Yeah, I did the half-century. The idea though, I was going to get up early, ride to the event, then ride back home to Minden. Done by noon.

However, I got up at 6:30 a.m. and no it was thirty freaking five degrees out. Almost the middle of May and we're wearing winter gear? Nope, I decided I'd drive there later and went back to sleep.

Got up about 8:30 and dragged my ass out of bed...just didn't feel all that motivated and a little run down. I figured it was just a bit of weekend pokiness and willed myself into my bike clothes, loaded up the Bleriot, and made it to the 10 a.m. start with no time to spare.

The bike felt like it weighed like a ton...well, it does weigh a ton. I added a kick stand and taillight Friday night. Okay, I'll make it to Minden, rest a bit, change bikes and finish the ride. Which I did, courtesy of my Rambouillet (pretty cool to be able to change mid-ride). But man, I was having a hard time pulling the hills outside of Minden and headed towards Bentley. I felt spent but hammered away anyway and managed to make the finish line. Felt like the hardest half-century I'd ever done.

That night, my eyes were burning and I felt a bit flushed. Took my temperature...101.6 :>( Damn, no wonder I was pooped. So I've spent the remainder of my weekend recovering, hoping I can get rid of this crud soon. The wife has banned me from the bike for the duration until I get back up to speed, hopefully soon -D

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