Sunday, May 2, 2010

MB Time!

Got back from a trip to KC today, saw my little tater.

After my lawn mowing chore, there was still plenty of light mid 60's and beautiful outside. Of course, being late afternoon it was a bit late for an epic road bike adventure.

Time to get the mountain bikes out!

It's been a long time since I bombed the backyard with the mountain bikes. It just kind of hit me. I parked the lawn mower and happened to glance at my old Diamondback. It looked pretty forlorn and neglected sitting leaning against the garage wall, so I grabbed the tire pump and gave the tires a quick inflate. I thought maybe I'd just run up and down the street once or twice. I bombed the backyard a few times, then I headed back and grabbed my 29'er. I buzzed the town awhile, hit a few back alleys, the ball field, the community hall parking lot, the park, the basketball court, my niece's steep driveway (left a long black skidmark on the way out...gotta love those disc brakes), jumped a few curbs, hit the town triangle (Minden isn't big enough for a square), zipped down the big town hill, basically just pedaled my ass off.

Felt good :>) -D


Travel Gravel said...

I have not been on a mountain bike for a long time. My SPD cleats are shot, so I have been riding clips and straps for about a year and a half. This favors staying off of a mountain bike! Hmmmm, a Diamond Back eh. Yellow with an orange fork perhaps? I would so totally flip out if you have my old Ascent EX! Get yourself some gravel miles on that thing. Keep on D Dog! said...

Diamond Back Response, red, silver and black. I've had it for a long time, bought it at a sporting goods store. Beat the crap out of it, bent the wheels but re-trued and it's like the Energizer Bunny. Pump up the tires and go. It has a few gravel (and dirt, grass, mud, etc.) miles on it. I actually have a Wald wire basket mounted on the front, use it for short trips to the store picking up frosty libations and such :>)