Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Catching up a bit - and the frame arrives!

I'm a bit behind here, since I've already received the frame and I'm anxiously awaiting parts. So, I thought I'd include an email to the previous owner describing my experience waiting for the frame to arrive.

August 7, 2008

Hi Paul!

After work today, my wife and I stopped at the local FedEx depot to pickup the bike packages you delivered. I called FedEx earlier in the week and asked them to place a hold on the packages...we wouldn't be home when they were delivered, and decided to have them held at the depot which was on our way home.

I managed to stay focused through my work day (it was tough!), but I was readyto leave this afternoon to pick up my prize. We drove to the FedEx depot and were told two packages had been put on hold. After what seemed like hours and with a great deal of anticipation, a FedEx employee came back with one box which appeared to be the box containing the handlebars and brake levers. After explaining to him he should be looking for a bicycle box, he disappeared into the back and after about 10 minutes or so reappeared, sans box. He explained the box had been put on the truck and shipped to our home today, but said the truck should be returning shortly and asked us to wait. We gave him our cell phone number and went to dinner.

Around 6:30 or so he called to tell us the second box had arrived. When I walked into the FedEx office, the box was waiting. Even though the box was clearly marked 'Fragile' in several place, there was a good fist sized hole gashed in one side of the box, which had been taped shut. FedEx had certainly taken great care in handling this package! We opened the box, I inspected the frame carefully and there was absolutely no damage. You did a great job packing the frame! We arrived at home and I opened the boxes like it was my birthday...in fact, it is my birthday tomorrow.

I removed the frame from the packaging and it looks great! The condition is exactly as you described, very good to excellent and your description of the decal condition is accurate. Just the right amount of 'beausage' ....that first scratch is always the hardest to deal with. I took a few pictures to preserve the moment, and took my frame downstairs to clamp it in my bike stand for closer inspection and to take a fewmeasurements (for future component purchasing :>)

There is one observation I'd like to pass along, and question I'd like to ask. When you used the bike, did the headset seem a bit tight to you? It doesn't seem to turn as freely as my other bikes, but maybe that's because there's no wheel, handlebar, or stem installed. The frame is great, and I'm very happy and satisfied with my purchase. Thank you for maintaining your bike so well! Enjoy your AHH! :>)


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