Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Frame Revealed

Adding a few visuals to my previous post, I'll include some pictures here of the 'grand opening'...after a week or so of anticipation the frame arrives!

Boxes in my living room, much to my wife's chagrin. She's very understanding. :>) Note the large hole in the upper left hand corner of the frame box. Unbeknownst to me, the previous owner had received his new AHH with the box in this condition and I can imagine the anxiety he felt! He carefully repaired the box with packing tape before repacking the Rambouillet. FedEx also spelled my last name incorrectly...oh well, as long as everything arrives intact!

Opening the box gives a hint of what lies beneath the packing. The previous owner did an excellent job making sure the bike would arrive in top-notch condition!

One bubble wrapped, Rambouillet frame. Again, an excellent packing job!

The frame revealed! A very nice, well maintained 62 cm Rambouillet frame ready for frame saver and assembly! My understanding from talking to the folks at Riv they had 3 separate runs, one orange frame with white headtube, this particular bike, blue frame with white headtube, and also a green frame with white headtube.

A close up shot of the white headtube and headbadge. Notice the lug detail. Gotta love classic, lugged steel bikes!

Downstairs to my combination bike workshop and laundry room. Did I mention that I have a very understanding wife? I had to pose my trusty, dusty (from recently riding the Wabash trail) 62 cm Quickbeam next to the new Ramby just to visualize what they'd look like together.

Another shot of the Ramby with my 80's vintage 62 cm Schwinn Tempo, another lugged steel 'classic'.

Some might consider my 'Turquoise Tempo' a bit porky compared to some of the new aluminum/titanium/carbon fiber frames but she's a fantastic bike, runs like the wind, rides like a dream and will last forever.

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