Saturday, November 22, 2008

A few good parts

My first shipment of 29'er build parts arrived on Thursday.

Easton EA70 Monkey Bars (hi-rise), Easton EA70 stem, Cane Creek S-3 headset, handgrips with locking collars, alloy headset spacers, and star nut. I'm still looking for a good used fork on eBay. I was bidding on a Rock Shox Dart 3, but it got away from me at the last minute. However, several others showed up on eBay and I'm watching them intently. Hopefully my luck and my bidding skills will improve! However, I did win a bid on a slightly used Avid 160mm disc brake set, which should be arriving within a few days.

I've ordered several other parts which were shipped in two shipments. I found an excellent deal on a saddle, seatpost, seatpost locking collar, and some Avid brake levers. The shipment was divided into two parts and the seatpost locking collar, a 30mm Surly constrictor, arrived today. Fits perfectly!

I've recently received some very helpful information from a fellow blogger regarding a homebuilt headset press tool. (Thanks Gravelo!) I plan on scrounging the local hardware store tomorrow to acquire the necessary pieces. I'll let you know what I come up with.


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