Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Slowly, I visualize

A few more parts came today.

My brake levers, seatpost, and seat showed up. What a great opportunity to assemble a few things on the bike!

I've also assembled my handlebars, grips, stem, and brake levers. Yeah, I know I'll have to remove the grips to install the shifters, but I just wanted to visualize those parts on my bike. I was standing downstairs in my combination laundry room/showering facility/bike shop holding my bars up next to the frame, seat and seatpost installed, trying to imagine myself sitting astride my latest masterpiece :>)

I picked up a lightly used 29'er suspension fork on eBay, an OEM Rock Shox Dart 3 unit. It's considered entry level, but it's also inexpensive as far as 29'er forks go and I'm sure it will work fine for it's intended purpose. Besides, it leaves room for future upgrades if I get the notion! Plus, I won't be as nervous as I would be if I were cutting a steerer tube on a $500 fork.

Once the fork comes, the steerer tube cutting and headset installation shall commence!


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