Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wintertime and bike dreams

Winter has officially arrived. Temps here are in the 30's, and tonight winds are 20 mph +

No bike commuting tomorrow, and definitely none next week since I'll be out of town on business. I've got a bad bike jones and the weekend weather looks none too promising. Looks like I'll be off the bike for a while.

I've got a good taste of some bike commuting before the weather turned bad, though. Gives me something to look forward to. I can spend some time cleaning and tuning up the bikes this weekend, amongst a few other chores of course. I like tinkering with them almost as much as I like riding them!

I'm considering building up a 29'er. I'm leaning toward a Salsa El Mariachi frame, size LG (steel of course!), and I'm doing some research on componentry. If anyone out there reading this blog has this particular frame built up please tell me about your bike and how you like it.

If I decide to build up another bike, one will have to go. Just not enough time and space to build the stable beyond the seven I already have. My old Diamondback 'bakfietsen' mountain bike will most likely be up for grabs. I don't think I'd miss it a whole lot if I had a nice, shiny steel 29'er mountain bike to ride.

First things first, however. Of course, I'll need to buy my lovely wife a VERY nice Christmas gift! I owe her, big time :>)


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