Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Old Ten(ish) speeds are x-tra cool!

The Turquoise Tempo made OTSG (Old Ten Speed Gallery). How 'bout that? :>)

Go ahead and submit your favorite old bike! It's easy-schmeezy!



Travel Gravel said...

I saw that on OTSG yesterday and didn't even realize that I had seen it on your blog earlier! I guess it was because I was flipping out over the bike submitted previous to yours. Now that is a Large Marge bicycle! C Ya! said...

Yeah, that one was a bit taller than I could straddle!

I was perusing e-bay sometime ago and there was a campus green Schwinn Paramount, 70's vintage and beautiful condition. Unfortunately, it was a 66 cm bike, much too large for me.

Sure was tempting, though!