Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bike to Work Week and adding to the stable..!

My blogging buddy Gravelo has been riding multiple bikes to work!

I'm not nearly that ambitious, but I did ride the Quickie Blue Fixie to work Monday. Unfortunately, the rain put the kibosh on my ride today. I know, I know...but I'm not THAT hardcore. Hopefully, I can pull off a ride tomorrow and maybe Thursday.

BTW, I picked up a pristine custom 61cm Bleriot frame on E-bay Sunday night :>) Oh, happy happy joy joy! Pretty excited because I've always wanted to do a 650B bike and here's my chance. I bought my Schwinns with the idea of converting one of them but they worked so well the way they were I just couldn't bring myself to tear them apart.

This will be Rivendell #3. Yesssss! (virtual fist pump)

This bike will be different, and I'm already formulating ideas on components and what I want to do with it. Definitely a randonneur style build, for sure. And I'll be taking my time, since it's not a winter project and I have plenty of other bikes to ride. Expect fat tires, and fenders :>)

So, at least temporarily, I'll be calling this blog "My Bleriot Build"


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Travel Gravel said...

Not trying to tease you with the RB3:) I thought of you when I mounted up the wheels and rolled off.Don't forget the importance of "before" pics! B bikes are very interesting. Like the Fred Rogers' twin, yet unknown brother, of the bike world. Anyone could identify one as a bike, yet few can appreciate the differences. Hello Neighbor! Later!