Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Bleriot is close...

Just looked at FedEx tracking and saw my Bleriot frame is in Council Bluffs! I called FedEx to have them hold it at the terminal so I can pick the frame up tomorrow.

I've decided to go with an internal gear hub on this build. Since this frame has vertical drop outs I'll have to use a chain tensioner, but it's no big deal. Being a randonneur style build I'm going to use a dynamo hub in front as well, and a front rack with mounted headlight. Fenders for sure, and I've been lusting over hammered Honjos. I know they're not cheap, but they're beautiful and I can't resist bike jewelry!

I've joined our Corporate Commuter Challenge at work. So far this week, I've put in 81 commute miles (3 trips). The challenge ends mid-August, and my personal goal is 1000 total miles of riding. I figured that equates to about 2.5 trips per week between now and then...doable. I had to work yesterday :>( but it gave me a chance to ride :>) and since I hadn't ridden the Double Cross in some time I took it out. Nothing against the Quickie Blue Fixie, but I should remember to use this bike on commutes more often!

- D

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