Monday, May 18, 2009

Hello Bleriot!

After a bit of drama (FedEx, again!), the Bleriot frame has arrived. Apparently, FedEx doesn't understand the meaning of 'hold package'. However, an understanding wife and a bit of patience managed to save the day!

Basically, I camped out in the FedEx terminal until the truck returned from its run. Apparently, even though I'd called to place a hold on my package so I could pick it up after work, FedEx decided to leave it on the truck and ship it anyway. So when I got to the terminal for pickup, the truck was still out. If you've been reading my blog, you'll remember the exact same thing happened with my Ramby. My lovely wife suggested going out to dinner and returning later, and when we returned an hour later the truck was still out. I decided to wait in the terminal, the package finally arriving after a half-hour wait.

Did I mind waiting? Check this out...

Nice, huh? This might look a bit more like a bike frame...

A bit fuzzy, but this next pic is more in focus

Oh yeah, now that's the ticket! A nice silver, pewterish color. Beautiful frame!

A headbadge and a foot. That's not my foot by the way...the toes are too pretty

The downtube decal

And the seat tube decal!


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