Thursday, May 21, 2009

A bit here, a piece there...

Put in an order with Harris Cyclery for a few parts:

1- Shimano 3N72 dynamo hub 36 hole
1-Busch & Müller Lumotec 170NDi Headlight with Standlight for Hub Generators
1-Busch & Müller Lumotec Handlebar clamp -Long
2-Paul Components Gino Light Mount
1-Lumotec Replacement bulbs, 2.4 w
1-Busch & Müller Lumotec 3 W Replacement Bulb

Can you kinda sorta see where this build is going?

I looked at Schmidt SON dynohubs, but one hub would have cost more than this entire pile of parts. The only disadvantage is that I can't run two headlights with the Shimano hub. And the SON hub is sure nice and shiny...I'm sure it's the bees knees of dynohubs but for nearly 3 times the price of the Shimano? I'm a bit more pragmatic than flashy.

I'm certainly looking forward to the long weekend, and a couple of nice rides on several nice bikes. :>)



Travel Gravel said...

Looks like Honjos are about the standard fender for this bike, eh? Per Cyclofiend supporters anyways. Looks good so far. There is a whole set of them in one place if you Google "Bleriot" and look for it about the fourth result. Good Bio on the man too. See Ya! said...

Yeah, I've been looking at some Bleriot builds and there all all kinds of configurations. This build will be a bit different and fun! I anticipate this will be a great ride!