Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A few good parts

Found a box on my doorstep today!

A few components from my Rivendell partners in crime :>). Two nice Velocity 650B rims, a Nitto seat post, and some Dia Compe centerpull brakes. The seat post went into the seat tube right away. I was somewhat paranoid about leaving the seat lug unprotected...I was either going to accidentally bend the seat lug point or drive it into my palm. This way, I'll feel a bit more secure handling my frame.

Next on the agenda, I need to get my Nexus 8 hub for the rear wheel and calculate some spoke lengths. Lickton's will probably be my spoke source, as they sell spokes in bundles of 36. I'd like to have a few extra though, just in case. My LBS might be able to help me out there, or maybe I can order the spokes directly from them if the price is reasonable.

As I said, I'm in no great hurry. Lots of great bikes for me to ride this summer! The wheels will be the first major component I assemble and the rest will fall into place naturally.

My wife went for a ride with me last Saturday! Hurrah! The Giant Hybrid doesn't get out much, and she mentioned something about 'possibly thinking about going for a ride'. That was my cue. The bike came down from the rack, chain cleaning, lubing, tire inflation, and various and sundry adjustments occurred. Saturday morning I loaded the bikes into the truck and we headed for the trailhead and the pedestrian bridge.

Jenny has usually ridden the Wabash with me to Mineola. This was a different experience for her, the route here is relatively flat and paved. It was easier for her to pedal and there were no big hills for her to climb. Dodge Park Golf Course and the clubhouse (Riverside Grill) is close to the pedestrian bridge and directly adjacent to the Lake Manawa trail. We had a very nice lunch, headed to the ped bridge and then went back. She told me she had a great time, and she liked this ride much better than our Wabash trips. I take that as 'I want to ride my bike more with you' and I'm glad! I'm definitely going to try to make leisurely rides with the wife a more frequent occurrence.


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