Saturday, December 6, 2008

A pressing issue

My saw guide arrived yesterday, along with some other parts I'd ordered from Speedgoat.
Fork issues notwithstanding, I was finally ready to install my headset. But I needed a tool to press in the bearing cups.

Gravelo to the rescue!

I call this tool my 'Gravelo Headset Press'. A couple of weeks ago, my fellow blogger posted his version of a homemade headset press. I decided to follow his lead and hit the hardware store, acquiring the necessary parts. This is my interpretation of his suggested design:

I purchased a length of 7/16" allthread and cut it in half..about 18" long. Add two 7/16" nuts, two washers, two large fender washers along with two bronze thrust washers and voila! One headset press.

But does it work?

Well, check this out! Headset bearing cups in place:
Press in place and ready to go

Cranking on the nuts :>)

Cups in place, no problem!

My sincere thanks to Gravelo!



Travel Gravel said...

Rambo,simply paying it forward! Glad it worked out for you. Looks like a nice ride coming together. Also, anytime you can use your Crescent wrench is a good time! Later! said...

Anything I can grab out of the toolbox that works, crescent wrenches included!

Now I just have to fix my leak issue with my fork and I'll be golden.