Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The Juice build went great this weekend!
In fact, if it weren't for one little glitch I'd probably be riding it. But these things happen, and it's just best to be patient and roll with it. Maybe I should throw a few pics out there for your perusal!

Of course, I had to install my new tires on my new wheels. They are Panaracer Rampage 29'ers, 2.35" wide. They are FAT...they remind me of the dirt bike tires on an old Suzuki 250 my brother owned.
You'll also note here I've installed my disc brake rotors on the rims. Note: Avid brake disc mounting bolts take a Torx size 20 bit, and I was lucky and happened to have a set. Don't put too much torque on it, or you'll twist and strip the bit. Also note the strategic placement of the tire prior to the camera shot. This is what happens when you have limited space and a combination laundry, shower, shitter and bike assembly room. Of course, the close proximity of all these fixtures make bike work and beer drinking quite convenient.

I also installed my FSA 44-33-22 crankset. I got this as a new bike take-off so it was significantly less expensive than buying new. The install was fairly simple, although since it is an external-type bottom bracket I had to buy a special tool to tighten it up. Just another addition to my continuously growing pile of mostly-working bike tools!

Rear brake calipers installed. Since the Juice has horizontal dropouts, there's a bit of an interference issue when removing the rear wheel. If I loosen the caliper mounting bolts, I can get the disc far enough past the caliper to remove the wheel. I'll just have to remember to carry my portable tool kit with me when I ride.
I couldn't resist mugging for the camera (and the wife), whilst showing off my massive crescent wrenching skills. I'm enjoying my new wool cap, courtesy of Rivendell...this works great underneath a helmet during a cold ride.

Can you spot the problem here? Note the position of the clamp relative to the water bottle mounts...in order to position this derailleur in the proper position, the clamp would need to be positioned directly on top the the mounts. Not good. Why? This is a high mount clamp (something I neglected to notice when I ordered it), and what I really need is a low mount clamp similar to what I have on my Bakfietsen. The new derailleur is being shipped as I type.
The Soma Juice in all it's semi-finished glory. I still need to add derailers, brake cables and housings, shifters with cables and housings, and chain. Did I forget anything? But I can at least sit on my bike now, so I can get a really good feel of how it's going to fit me.

The maiden voyage is near!


Travel Gravel said...

So nice! There is just something about the geometry (you never see the classic parallel head and seat tubes on a big bike)and the absurdly large tire/wheel size that makes a 9er look so cool. Following behind one, or seeing one rolling toward you is a sight to behold. Patience must be on order too? Later!

djdau@walnutel.net said...

I can be patient...I'll have the bike built up before the weather gets above zero! :>)