Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hi all,

Happy New Year! And it's time to start making good on all the New Years resolutions you made, right? I have a few goals I'd like to share for my New Year, and I'm going to try to do my best this year to make them happen. So here's my 2009 resolution list:

Be the best husband and father I can be.
Number one on the list. My wonderful wife and daughter deserve the best I can give them. Spend as much quality time as I can with my loved ones.

Ride bikes, a lot
Obviously :>). My Leadville goal (see below), is going to require lots of miles in my legs. If I can't be on the bike, then I'll be in the gym.

Ride a lot of bikes
I'm working on number 8 right now. Shouldn't be a problem.

Sign up and train for Leadville. Lose some weight.
Leadville sign up deadline is January 31st. The first challenge will be getting in...they only allow so many participants and they choose applications lottery style. The ride itself will be a big challenge. If I can get some weight off, that's just that much less lard I have to haul up the mountain. That means I have to focus on training for the next few months, and get some good miles in my legs. I'm getting older, and if I don't at least try to do this I'll regret it. So I'm going to take a shot.

Maintain a good balance
Work to live, not the other way around. Work hard, but play hard too.

Be healthy
Exercise and eat right. Keep moving. Don't make excuses.

Bike Commute!
I started bike commuting last year once the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge was completed, and I loved it. I'm going to bike commute often in 2009, whenever practical.

Be positive, be nice, be appreciative and give to others
Keep a positive attitude. Be kind to people, lend a helping hand. Do nice things, and appreciate nice things others do for me. Write a thank-you note. Be a solid citizen.

Be happy
My wife makes me happy. Make the wife happy. Tell a joke. Laugh. Smile. :>)


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