Friday, January 30, 2009

Smooth Fatties

I really like my Panaracer Rampages on the Juice. Cushy, nice and grippy especially in the snow and slush we've been tolerating lately.

However, I might want to take that sucker out on the road. Knobbies just won't cut it there. So, I invested in a couple of 'smooth fatties'...Schwalbe Big Apples. These are 29 x 2.35, same size as the Rampages, but a lot smoother. No knobbies, but there is some tread. It's a similar pattern to the Marathons on the Ramby, just a lot wider.

I'm anxious to check out how these work on the pavement, and I'm planning on running the Juice up and down the Wabash a few times. Should be a nice, cushy ride!


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