Tuesday, January 20, 2009

La La La La La La Bombadil!

Currently, my blog is mainly focused on bike builds...namely my own.

The basement is filling up with bikes, and space in my downstairs "wreck room" is getting ever scarcer. I could put another bike up against the wall in my garage, but a one-car garage with a car and other miscellanous junk doesn't leave a whole lot of room for extra bike stuff.

What the heck do I write about if I'm not building a bike?

Patrick to the rescue! I received three nice pictures of Patrick's new ride. And boy, is it ever a ride! He's just acquired himself a new Rivendell Bombadil frame and it's a beaut!

Such a nice frame, and the double top tube is certainly unique. On this table, I can see a nice honey brown Brooks saddle, assorted Nitto bike jewelry including bars, stem, and seatpost, what appears to be a Sugino crank, Schwalbe tires, a nice orange Rivendell cap, and some other assorted bits and pieces. It looks like it's all ready for assembly. Do I see Phil Wood hubs on 36 spoke wheels? Phil Wood bottom bracket as well?

A nice sideways headtube shot, showing the headbadge, lugwork, and unique powder clear coat finish. I'm not sure, but is that a Chris King headset? This bike will definitely turn heads.

A nice headbadge shot, including a few nice bits Patrick's acquired for his build. Schwalbe Marathons? Ja sind sie schwer und stark aber gut! Good choice!

I'm expecting more pics as the build progesses!


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