Friday, October 24, 2008

Dorky and Weird

My wife is very proud of my blog. She's so proud of it in fact, that she introduced several of her co-workers to it.

To which they responded, collectively, "This blog is dorky and your husband is weird."

I'm not offended by this statement. Actually, I really don't mind being 'dorky and weird'. Really. And they are absolutely correct…however, I'd like to put that statement in context. If my interest in bikes seems a bit extreme to some folks, maybe that seems weird to them in their world. A grown American man riding a bicycle? Is he trying to be Lance Armstrong? Building your own bike? Wrapping and shellacking your handlebars? Mulitcolored Rivendell Pasela Speedblend tires on an orange bicycle? Seems dorky to me!

It's easy to judge. The lady down the street who has 50 cats must certainly be weird. The kid with the thick glasses and mismatched clothing who'd rather read a book instead of playing video games is definitely dorky. But they seem to be happy, anyway.

I'll blog and ride my dorky bikes until my legs fall off, with a weird, silly smile on my face.

To each, his (or her) own :>),

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Cameron said...

I kept my "blog" secret for quite a while before telling my wife. Now she brings it up every time we're out with friends or family. I liked it when I knew no one I knew was reading it because it I felt more free to write what I wanted: goofy, nonsensical, incoherent nosense---like dancing when you know no one can see you. Now that my friends and family know about my site, I always warn them that it's about bicycling and that they probably won't get it.
Back to your point. I've term for people who aren't "dorky" or "weird"---BORING!