Monday, October 27, 2008

Leaves and Temperatures

The weather is taking a turn for the worse, as far as my bike commuting plans are concerned.

In order to get to work by 8-ish, I have to be on the bike before 7 a.m. The temps this week are forecasted to be around 25 degrees around that time of day, but are supposed to warm up to mid 50's, low 60's by the afternoon...sunny and no precipitation. I don't generally like to ride below 40 degrees, even when I'm wearing my cold weather gear.

I wanted to brave the 25 degree morning temps but was vetoed. However, my vetoer offered to drop me and my bike off at work, then I could ride back to the trailhead in 60 degree afternoon temperatures. I'm definitely thinking about taking her up on that offer.

I like that invigoriating morning ride. Probably not below freezing invigorating, though :>)



Travel Gravel said...

Hi Dwight. My name is Greg Moore, I live in Boone, Iowa and found your blog today after googling "crappy bike." NO OFFENSE intended I assure you! I was actually looking for a photo of a Huffy Stalker Pro, for research you see;) and on the second block of results your blog showed up. When I read that you once bought a bike at Bike Barn I was intrigued and read the rest of your entire blog. I like the way you write and I applaud you for all of your build notes and copious photos. From a guy who started out with three bikes and now counts over 30 in the "laboratory" I must warn you that you will never regret acquiring another bike, but the ones you let go of will haunt you forever! (GT Avalanche from Bike Barn, Diamondback Ascent, etc.) Anyway, don't mean to hijack your comments, but wanted to say Hi and give you my blog addy Later! Travel Gravel!

Travel Gravel said...

P.S. I think that Cameron from your Dorky and Weird comments is the guy from OTSG? Cool!