Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wrap them bars right! Footwear optional!

I decided the black tape I used to temporarily hold my bar tape in place for the Ramby's maiden voyage was horribly ugly, and just completely out of place. Looks nasty, doesn't it?
I'd purchased some hemp twine from Riv some time ago, and this was the perfect opportunity to give my bars a good wrapping. To start my wrap, first I remove my shoes and socks :>) I make sure my wedding ring is clearly visible so my wife doesn't think I'm 'straying' whilst perfoming bike maintenance :>)) Then, I make a loop with the free end pointing toward the outside of the bars. I start wrapping from the outside towards the stem:
Once I've finished my twine wrap, near the end of the bar tape wrap, I thread the end of the twine through the loop...

Then I grab the free end of the twine I left sticking out toward the outside of the bars, and pull tight.

Trim the loose ends with scissors, and this is the result:

If you do both sides, it looks MUCH better....

This really isn't difficult to do, with a bit of practice and it looks and works a heck of a lot better than plastic tape!

Stay tuned and watch me give these bars a good shellacking!


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