Friday, October 10, 2008

Stick on decal? Not quite.

I may have mentioned in earlier posts my downtube decal issue.

The downtube decal on the left side of my frame is a bit frayed. I knew this before I'd purchased the frame...the owner was very forthcoming and honest about the condition of the decal. Apparently, he'd transported the bike in his van and the left side of the frame rubbed against the seat. It was a minor issue to me, since the blemishes were minor and appeared to affect just the decal, and not the paint.

Not the best picture here, but you can see the discoloration on portions of the decal. You can actually feel the surface of the decal around the edges, a slight fraying. Nothing huge and something I absolutely wasn't concerned about. The bike is still beautiful and rides like a dream, frayed decal or not.

I was a bit curious, though. Could I easily replace the decal? I contacted Miesha at Rivendell, asking if I could obtain a decal and installation instructions, if possible. She got me in touch with Keven, who asked how the decal was damaged. Unfortunately, decal replacement isn't easy. Apparently, the frame is clear coated after decal installation and the only way to have the decals replaced is to strip, repaint, re-decal, and clear coat.

So much for a simple stick-on decal replacement. I don't think I'm ready for a repaint, just having assembled my bike. There's nothing wrong with a bit a beausage, anyhow!


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