Monday, October 13, 2008

Ride Report: The Great Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge Adventure PART 2

At last, I'd reached the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge...

As I moved closer, I was amazed by the size of the bridge and the amount of traffic. Hundreds of people were moving across the bridge sightseeing, taking pictures. A few intrepid bike riders were moving across with the pedestrians, so I decided to join them. Starting from the Iowa side...

A good view of the suspension supports and cables

A support close up

Looking north up the Missouri River

And a southern view

A view of the park under construction on the Omaha side of the bridge

Over the river, on the Nebraska side

Another view, off the bridge from the Nebraska side

A view from under the bridge

The bridge definitely moved and swayed under the weight of the pedestrians, coupled with the wind that day. It wasn't alarming, however, and the views were fantastic.

Visions of a daily bike commute over this bridge are dancing through my head :>)


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