Saturday, October 18, 2008


When the wife and I go out, I usually have a beer with dinner.

Pairing beer (or wine) with food is always fun, and enhances the flavor of the food. But beer is a food all by itself, isn't it? Sure!

What's in beer? Water, mainly. Add some hops, malt extract, yeast, and grain and you have nutritional content. If it has nutritional content, it's food. Thus, beer is a food.

The relatively mild alcoholic content of one beer acts as a mild sedative, allowing you to more fully enjoy the experience and unwind after a hard day. Multiply that by two, three, or more and it begins to improve your mood and affect the hearing. Ever notice after you've had a few beers you talk louder? And get more affectionate? I LOOOOVE YOU BUDDY!! YOU'RE MY BESTEST FRIEND EVER!!

Lite beers? Screw 'em. It's not the beer that makes you fat, it's the pizza and fried breaded cheese sticks you washed down with your lite beer, hog. I like a good stout or porter myself, Guinness is one of my perennial favorites. Beer you can almost chew. Beer with color.

So the next time you enjoy a colorful, real non-lite beer, remember, you are getting some good nutrition too. After all, why do they call it a 'cereal malt beverage'? Cereal is a food, isn't it?

I rest my case. I'll go back to my Fat Tire now :>)


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